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Development of Worksheet on Transformation Geometry Content Using Geogebra
Kathrin Nur Wulandari, Aji Raditya

Last modified: 2016-11-24


The purpose of this research are to development mathematics worksheet based on Geogebra for senior high school geometry. This research would to produce worksheet on transformation using Geogebra. The prototype has two type they are woksheet and Geogebra applets. The worksheet contains various activities and excercises that allowed student to explore. The Geogebra applets were be comfortable for the students to understanding the materials of rotations. Geogebra software is used not only because it can representation of rotations in interactive way but also free of charge.This study is the developmental research that used 4D model’s of Thiagarajan, they are define, design, develop and disseminate. But this research was limit until development with  validate by two experts namely mathematics matter experts and media experts. Futher research should be undertaken to investigate the effectiveness, students believe and others mathematics intelligents.

Keywords:  4D model’s, Geogebra, rotation, transformations geometry, worksheet