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Enhancing mathematical reasoning in the classroom; the effects of search, solve, create, and share strategy
mochamad abdul basir

Last modified: 2016-11-09


Reasoning is thinking activities specifically where there is a conclusions from some premises. The research  is about employed the procedure of collaborative classroom action research conducted through the implementation of Search, Solve, create, and share (SSCS) strategy and focused on improving mathematical reasoning of students as a result of learning the material trigonometry. Research procedures using two cycles, wherein each cycle consists of four phases: planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The instruments employed in the research were tests on mathematical reasoning ability, questionnaires, observation sheets, and interview pointers. During conducting research, teachers are expected to facilitate the students in providing scaffolding students to solve mathematical problems through SSCS in enhancing mathematical reasoning .The research result indicate that the SSCS strategy applied is effective in improving students’ mathematical reasoning ability. In addition, students response to SSCS strategy is in general positive